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Juhász Vendégház - Abádszalók
from 11.67 €/guest/night

The shore of Lake Tisza Abádszalók the most favorable settlement located a pleasant holiday... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double room private (2 persons)
46.67 €

Hotels Abádszalók - Juhász Vendégház 's page

from 15.71 €/guest/night

Throughout the year to welcome our guests to relax, relax, have fun and young and örökifjúkat,... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double room private (2 persons, 1 double bed, max. 1 additional bed)
62.86 €
Double bed apartment (2 persons, 2 double bed, max. 3 additional bed)
70 €

Hotels Abádszalók - Abádi Unicum Vendégház 's page

from 28.12 €/guest/night

If quality, quality recreation, a full recharge longs to get rid of the noise of the city, all... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double room private (2 persons, 1 double bed)
112.50 €
Triple-room (3 persons, 1 double bed)
150 €
4 bed room (4 persons, 1 double bed)
200 €
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Hotels Abádszalók - Fortuna Wellness Vendégház 's page

The flat country of the Alföld and the rolling Tisza is an interesting meeting place and... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Vitorlás Vendégház 's page

The cottage is the last house of a dead end, so quiet and forgalommentes.Az floor of a room,... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Darwin 15 különálló nyaraló 's page

Mission: My husband and I are in the Hungarian computing nostalgic past, the present and retired... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Simon Falusi Vendégház 's page

Beautiful natural surroundings in the popular kiránulóhely Abádszalók. Our apartment house is... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Kék Sziget Pihenőház 's page

Relax in Abádszalók, in the city of the Tisza-lake. In our guesthouse there are rooms with... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Holdfény Vendégház 's page

Discover the Lake Tisza unique natural environment, abundant wildlife and wild landscapes! The... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Borostyán Apartmanház 's page

Gábor Apartmanok - Abádszalók

The Tisza-lake near our accommodation is quiet, large yard is található.Két apartments, which... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Gábor Apartmanok 's page

The property is located at the end of a dead end, so very quiet, traffic mentes.Teljesen with... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Darwin 13 studió 2 fős apartman 's page

Lilien Vendégház - Abádszalók

The hotel has two rooms, which can accommodate parking in a closed court szobánként.A possible... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Lilien Vendégház 's page

Pleasant, comfortable accommodation Abádszalók recommend water close to shore. GUEST HOUSE:... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Piknik Kemping Apartman 's page

Norbi apartmanok - Abádszalók

The apartments Norbert has 11 beds, 3 separate apartments where the guests. 1 to 5 guests and 2 x... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Norbi apartmanok 's page

Kiad-Lak Apartman - Abádszalók

We welcome you to the Tisza-tó the four-unit apartment to let. The total accommodation... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Kiad-Lak Apartman 's page

Vargalak - Abádszalók

6-bedroom family guest house with 13 seats. Which include: Upstairs: 3 pcs two-bedded room... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Vargalak 's page

Piknik Apartman - Abádszalók

There are 2 beds with extra bed, kitchenette, bathroom with shower, wc.Felszereltsége: TV,... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Piknik Apartman 's page

Rév apartmanok - Abádszalók

The Anchorage apartments in six separate apartments. Each has a private entrance and a large... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Rév apartmanok 's page

The property is located at the end of a dead end, so there is not a vehicle traffic and... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Darwin13 classic 10 fős apartman 's page

Alkusz-Lak Ház - Abádszalók

5 rooms, 15 three bedroom detached family house with accommodation for 10 persons, gyepesített... More...

Hotels Abádszalók - Alkusz-Lak Ház 's page